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Any large-scale glass project starts with creating a solid foundation, that is, selecting high-quality float glass. Colorless float glass is flat, colorless and clear glass. Extra clear float glass is highly translucent and permeable. It is sparkling and elegant. Colored glass will make your architectural project brighter, more colorful, performing a heat-insulating role. Stained - glasses are moisture resistant and ideal for wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc. The shaped glass allows the light to pass through, blocking the view of the object.

Tempered glass is several times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness and configuration. Tempered glass is used when ordinary glass is not suitable due to safety and durability requirements. Opposed to ordinary glass, tempered glass shatters into small pieces with harmless blunt edges when broken.

Due to a special coating, this glass is characterized by low conductivity. Low-E glass is an insulator, it prevents leakage of internal heat to the outside and blocks external heat as well as UV rays.

Reflective glass is float glass with a one-sided mirror effect. It prevents visibility from the outside and also helps reflect heat.

Glass block is an architectural element that comes in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. A glass block keeps light transmission by blocking the visibility of objects on the opposite side of the glass.

Glass tiles will give a unique beauty to your interior. By reflecting light, the area will be brighter without the need for additional light sources. It is easy to care for and will last for many years.

Stained glass is a composition of colored glass pieces that are connected by a metal profile. It gives a new breath and look to the interior.

The mirror performs a functional and decorative role in the interior. It visually enlarges and makes the space lighter.