About Us

Gapex LLC is one of leading glass and mirror importers in Armenia. Our company is specialized in glass processing, namely tempering, laminating, bending, bulletproofing, sandblasting, carving, bevelling, edging, etc. We make, just to name a few, glass facades, glass furniture, aluminum doors and windows, art glass - classic, tiffany and fused, IG units (insulated glazing), shower enclosures, glass stairs and railings. We also design, implement and install stainless steel  and glass structures, cupolas and shelters.

Gapex was founded by Robert and Adrine Gabrielyans in 1992 as a brokerage office at commodity exchange. Since 1996 the company imports and engages in retail and wholesale trade of float glass. Expanding its scope of activity Gapex begins to process glass and mirror later on. Currently, Gapex LLC satisfies about 20% of domestic market demand for float glass.

To meet high quality standards for glass processing our company has equipped the workshops with the latest machinery and tools, and special attention is paid on hiring the best professionals and offering continuous trainings for them as well. Gapex has made steps forward not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of expanding its scope of activity. Initially the plant occupied only 1000sqm work area which now comprises of more than 6300sqm. Accordingly, the number of employees has also increased and passed well beyond 100.

Gapex cooperates with world-famous brands. Our representatives attend international exhibitions of glass producers and processors such as Glasstec Dusseldorf, Vitrum Milan, China Glass  in order to always get up-to-date knowledge about developments in the sphere of glass industry.

All those who have ever had business with Gapex may witness that Gapex is a reliable partner, and its goods, production and services are trustworthy.