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Our furnace enables to temper sheet and low-emission glass up to 4200*2440 mm in size and 4-19 mm in thickness. The maximum size of tempered bent glass is 2440*1500mm, thickness 4-12mm. The tempering process gives the glass strength, safety and reliability.

Multilayer glass (triplex) is a safe, reliable and shockproof type of glass, in which glass pieces do not disintegrate when broken, but remain stuck together. For laminated glass, glass layers are bonded together with a protective film that not only holds the glass together, but also prevents it from splitting into large and sharp shards. The maximum size of laminated glass is 1800*4200 mm.

Producing bent glass is a demanding and highly professional job. One of the features of the Gapex bending furnace is that it bends glass with a radius of <1 m. Not only ordinary glass is bent, but also glass with various coatings. Maximum sizes of tempered bent glass are 2440*1500 mm, thickness: 4-12 mm, curvature radius: >800 mm.

By means of sand-blasting treatment, different patterns and drawings are made on the glass, which not only provide impenetrability, but also give a unique artistic look. We offer both smooth and regular sandblasting.

The powder coating section for metal constructions was launched in 2002. Thanks to powder coating technology the paint keeps its color for many years, does not peel off and is resistant to all weather changes. The powder coatings we use have a wide range of colors. Powder coating is performed in a special large furnace designed for constructions up to 1.7m*1.7m*5.7m.

At the moment we are grinding at different angles and shapes, we make holes of different sizes and shapes, all with high quality and speed. Processing of glass edges is performed by a grinding machine, which is an automatic vertical conveyor. After the first stage of grinding, the processed edge has a matte and uneven surface. In the second stage, the glass is polished and the resulting edge is shiny and transparent. The entire grinding and polishing process is carried out in a wet environment.

With the help of good-quality glue and the latest technologies you can bond glass, glass, metal, stone.

There are 3 different methods of making art stained glass: classic, tiffany and fusing. Classic and tiffany glass paintings look almost the same and differ by the production technology. in one case the glass pieces are connected to each other by means of an H-shaped angel profile, in the case of tiffany - by means of a copper wire, which allows to have images of a smaller size. For decorative glass production using fusing technology, the glass is heated in a furnace at a temperature of 593° C - to 816° C. Depending on the temperature and the quality of the glass used, different effects are obtained. All these effects can be used in a work, getting an interesting relief.

Our company since 2014 offers high-precision (up to 1440 dpi) digital printing with UV inks, which produces images of photographic quality on sheet and roll materials up to 2.0m*3.2m and 10cm thick. . For printing high-quality Belgian inks are used, which are harmless to human health and the environment. Thanks to the realism and brightness of images with the help of this technology it is possible to reproduce any picture in your apartment, from a beach landscape to a sample of abstractionism.