Sandblasting is one of the methods to add different images and patterns on glass, which not only obscures visibility but also offers original aesthetics to glass products. Since sandblasted glass transmits light but ensures privacy preventing visibility, it is very often applied on doors for shower rooms and bedrooms.

Glass is sandblasted only after being processed and tempered, if necessary, otherwise sandblasted glass may scatter due to resulting micro scratches.

Sandblasting technology has been changed over years. In the past they would sprinkle fine sand on glass and with the help of a heavy roller get the required rough surface. Nowadays, it is done using very high-pressure air and sand jet. Regulating the applied pressure and changing the size of sand granules, we achieve images with various density and depth.

Our design department is able to make all your ideas a reality.  All you need is just to send us any picture or describe it to us and in a few days you will have it on your doors, windows or furniture. Special coating is applied on sandblasted glass to ease its care as it is very sensitive to grease and finger stains.

Glass can be sandblasted on one side or both sides. If you do negative sandblasting on glass (on one side the image is sandblasted and the backgound left clear, while on the other side the image is left untreated and the background sandblasted) then the image will get more impressive and have 3D effect.