Glass Processing

Gapex LLC starts glass processing since 1996. Services include cutting, polishing, edging, bevelling, drilling. The quality and affordability of our services have been improved year by year.

Currently we do bevelling for various gradients and forms, as well as drilling of holes with different sizes and forms. High quality in short time are our main advantages.

Bevelling is carried out on a bevelling machine which is a vertical conveyer. Glass to be processed is laid on grinding wheels which convey it along the machine. After the initial phase of grinding glass edges have rough and  mat surface. The second phase is polishing after which edges get transparent and glittering. Drilling, bevelling, grinding and polishing are carried out in wet environment to prevent glass from overheating and cracking.


Productivity of our processing workshops is very high due to German origin equipments. This enables us to fulfill the orders quickly and always on time.

To get acquainted with our pricelist for glass processing services, please click here.