Tinted Float Glass

Tinted float glass has the same manufacturing process as clear float glass with the addition of small quantities of metal oxides to the glass mixture when molten.

Coloring does not affect the basic characteristics of glass. Glass thickness is directly proportional to color darkness and in inverse proportion to glass visibility. 

Tinted float glass reduces heat transmittance by absorbing most of solar energy and thus is a good heat isolator. 

Buildings and glass constructions may acquire a new and modern look thanks to the comprehensive range of soft and natural colors of tinted glass.

Color range, excellent characteristics and post-production treatment possibilities make tinted float glass an excellent choice for architects in their search of something new for their projects. 


Thickness` 2,6mm   4mm  6mm  8mm  10mm  12mm                                                                                      Sizes` 321*200/225cm, 330*214cm, 160*200cm, 225*200cm,                                                                    Colors` green, blue, bronze, fume, elite tinted


•    Absorbs solar energy
•    Building get modern and luxurious look
•    Subject to any level of glass processing


•    External doors and windows
•    Interior screens - banisters, curtain walls, etc
•    Display windows, showcases, shelves, etc
•    Furniture, picture frames, etc