Clear Float Glass

Clear Glass is distortion-free, precision flat and transparent glassmade by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal. While floating through tin, under forces of gravity and surface tension glass becomes smooth and flat at both sides.


Thickness` 2,2mm   3mm   4mm   5mm   6mm  8mm  10mm   12mm   15mm   17mm   19mm      
Sizes` 321*200/225cm, 160.5*250/225cm, 141*260cm, 330*214cm, 213.4*305cm, 366*225cm, 430*321cm, 450*240cm, 600*321cm 


  • smooth and flat surface
  • high visibility
  • subject to any level of glass processing


  • External doors and windows
  • Interior glass screens such as curtain walls, banisters, etc
  • shop displays, showcases, shelves, etc
  • furniture, table tops, picture frames, etc
  • base for production of mirrors, reflective glass, tempered glass, etc
  • green houses