Glass Bending

Modern architecture has undergone major changes in recent years, and structures based on solely stone and concrete are already in the past. It is impossible almost to imagine a modern building without a glass facade or large windows. With the expansion of glass applications, requirements for glass get stricter and numerous. Not only  annealed glass is applied but also tempered, laminated, bent glass consist inseparable parts of nowadays constructions.

Bending glass requires lots of time, efforts and skills. First, glass is cut, then cleaned thoroughly, polished, checked for imperfections and dust by ultraviolet lamps as a single particle can cause the glass to crack and scatter. In the next step, a special steel mould is made for each bending diameter. In order molten glass not to stick to the mould, it is coated with a special mixture of detergent and calcium carbonate. Later on, it is placed on the mould and inserted in bending kiln which is heated up to 700°C: Under this temperature, bonds between silica molecules gets loose and glass becomes soft acquiring the shape of the mould. Then it is gradually cooled down for about 2 hours and removed from the kiln.

The bending kiln of Gapex LLC allows to curve glass with less than 1000mm radius. We bend not only regular float glass but also glass with various coatings. Tempered bent glass maximum size is 2440*1500mm, thickness - 4-12mm, radius - >800mm.