1992 - Gapex LLC was founded as a brokerage firm of commodity exchange in the Republic of Armenia.

1993 - Gapex LLC started importing food to Armenia.

1996 - Gapex LLC began to import float glass. In this same year it set up a workshop of about 1000m2 area in the suburb of Yerevan, called Jrvezh Industrial Hub. Within two years the workshop was already fully operating.

1998 - Started making aluminum doors and windows.

1999 - The company set up its architectural-design studio in Yerevan.

2002 - The area of the whole workshop was extended up to 6300m2. The facility for powder coating of metal structures was launched.

2004 - Glass bending and fusing kilns were acquired.

2005 - The company launched workshop for manufacturing of stainless steel structures.

2007 - Operated glass tempering furnace.

2009 - Continued purchasing glass processing equipments. Flat glass cutting table is bought from Europe.

2011 - Productivity of the glass processing workshop is more than doubled with the purchase of a new bevelling machine.

2013 - A new benchmark is achieved. 15 bar high pressure autoclave is now in Armenia marking the beginning of a new era in laminated glass industry.

2014 - A digital UV printer machine is purchased to continue the well-established tradition of equipping workshops with the most up-to-date technologies. Glass, ceramic, wood, leather, canvas, paper are just few of many types of materials which can be printed using UV inks.